Roof Repairs

We can complete all different kinds of roofing repairs, everything from replacing simple metal seals right through to a full roof restoration to perfectly match the rest of your building.

For our Brisbane clients, when dealing with roofing repairs or full restorations, it is necessary to be cautious when you have different kinds of material on the same roofing structure.

Dissimilar metals such as copper , zinc alum and iron sheets may have a reaction, and corrosion and leaks can occur. In these cases, a full roof replacement may be required.

Brisbane has been subject to adverse weather conditions over the last few years, so Dr Roof recommends regular cleaning of debris from roof and gutters to avoid the large costs of roofing repairs, restorations, or even full roof replacement.

Cleaning roof and gutters in Brisbane will also help to avoid a house fire. An annual gutter clean will assure long lasting roofing and help you to minimise future repairs.

Maintaining a home begins with the roof, preventing leaks is essential to maintaining the structure of your home and prevent costly renovations. Our fully licensed technicians are trained to identify and restore deficiencies in the roof before costly replacement is required.

We can determine the cost effectiveness of a replacement or repair to your roof. We specialise in fixing any kind of leak and install new roofs, we can advise you about available roofing systems and materials cost effectiveness and budget. See our ‘new roofs and claddings’ page for an introduction to different types of roofing, we also offer a roof insulation service.

  • Chimney crown seal repair
  • Flashing repair
  • Gutter and spouting replacement or repair
  • Rotted wood replacement

If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, give us a call to schedule a no obligation evaluation and receive a free roof restoration quote. Save your roof from repairs or premature replacement exposure to further damage and decay.

For tiled roofs on wooden framing we use a flexible cement for bedding and pointing preventing cracks and leaks.

  • Clay tile roof repair, replacement of broken tiles to match your existing tiles
  • Pointing