Property Maintenance

Before and after gutter cleaning and property maintenance

Roof cleaning and property maintenance in the unpredictable Brisbane environment are paramount for both health and safety.

For commercial properties, regular roof cleaning and property maintenance are highly recommended for removing dirt and grime from vehicle exhausts, plant matter and industrial dirt.

For your home and property, regular roof cleaning, property maintenance and house washing will greatly reduce the occurrence of mould and lichen and extend the life of your paintwork, keeping your house looking new.

Property Maintenance Services

Dry homes need sufficient drainage. Blocked gutters and down pipes cause rain water to overflow. Excess water around the home causes dampness and build up of moss, molds and lichen. Tired of leaf litter and lack of light? Clearing of trees and branches can let the sunshine back into your life.

  • Waterblasting
  • House wash
  • Gutters, down pipes and drainage
  • Pruning

Property Presale Washing Service

When it comes roof cleaning, Brisbane home owners can use our washing services for all exterior surfaces, including decks, concrete, bricks, pavers, fences, roof, carport, garage, retaining walls, awnings and eaves.

Are you preparing to sell a property in Brisbane? Do you want to ensure you get the best price? Consider our house washing service to present your property in the best way. Washing your house and cleaning your roof may be the difference in many thousands of dollars when you sell, especially in a competitive Brisbane market.

Leaf Stopper

Installation of Leaf Stopper gutter guard systems for a range of roof tyres available in assorted colours. Leaf Stopper aids troubles caused by pouring rain, pests or bush fires. Clean unblocked gutters all year round, guaranteed.

  • Gutter guard systems

House Painting Preparation

Preparing to paint your house? A clean surface is the start for proper preparation of painted surfaces. We clean houses, fences, patios, porches, decks, stairs and roofs.

Before selling a property in Brisbane, roof cleaning or a complete house wash surely will improve the first impression. All our roof wash and house clean are done by experienced Brisbane roofers:

So when they need a full range of cleaning services that will improve the value of their homes, including house washing, Brisbane home owners call in the experts at Dr Roof!

Man sealing high rise building window

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