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Brisbane roofer performing tile roof repairs

Is your roof leaking? Can you see water stains or mould growing in your ceiling or roof cavity? Don’t let this damage your property. Act Now!

Minor leaking roof repairs are often more cost-effective than a full roof restoration or getting an entirely new roof. When your roof is damaged, leaking and could deteriorate further, but you’re not ready to spend some big bucks, a quick roof repair may be just what you need.

In some cases, fixing your roof as soon as you detect an issue, like when you see a small water stain on your ceiling, will be enough, and will completely save you from having to do major works on your roof.

Unfortunately, due to temperature changes in Brisbane, the storms, hail, birds and other animals, every roof gradually degrades. Eventually, this allows water to seep through, which can then damage your house.

Repairing your roof as soon as you spot a leak can save you major costs of having to fix the rest of your property.

How to know if your roof needs repair?

Whether it’s tile roof repairs, metal roof repairs or something else, how can you tell you need it?

Well, here’s a list of checks that will tell you if you needs to organise some roof repairs:

  • Water is leaking from your roof. Your roof is not sealed, but you never know where the water is going and what other damage it will do. This is a clear sign of trouble and you should act on it quickly.
  • Moisture or mould on the ceiling, particularly in otherwise dry room. You may not see water, but the moisture and the mould will only spread and weaken the ceiling until it caves in. It’s best to start organising your Brisbane roofer to do some roof repairs.
  • Visible cracks in tiles or valleys, or missing tiles (tile roof). If you have enough of those, especially if they seem to be growing, a leak is just a matter of time.
  • Rust patches, nicks or holes in roof sheets, or gaps between sheets (metal roof). The more you have, the less time to fix them before trouble hits.
  • Sagging of the roof. This may indicate structural damage and should get checked, and repaired, if necessary.
  • Broken or missing seals around vents and chimneys in the roof. Easy enough to fix before any leaks happen.

Various examples of tile roof repairs in Brisbane

What type of roof repairs do you need?

Once your roofing contractors arrive, they will inspect your roof closely for everything that prompts roof repairs, including:

  1. Small cracks or holes in the cement between tiles
  2. Cracked or broken roof tiles
  3. Tile roof leaks – holes in the underlying membrane
  4. Rusty or blocked valleys
  5. Faulty tile ridge capping
  6. Faulty flashings
  7. Skylight damage
  8. Chimney damage
  9. Loose or incorrectly-installed screws
  10. Missing sealant and/or cracked sealing washers
  11. Rust
  12. Bad overlap of roof sheets causing capillary draw
  13. Blocked gutters

The Leaking Roof Repairs Brisbane Trusts

Expert Metal Roof Repairs in Brisbane

Dr Roof is a Brisbane roofing contractor, providing high quality roof repairs in Brisbane. For metal sheet roofs, we use a liquid rubber membrane. For tile roof repairs, we use high quality materials and expert workmanship. These things ensure you get the best repair that may outlast the rest of your roof.

When you hire Dr Roof for your leaking roof repairs in Brisbane, you get:

  1. The benefit of years of experience
  2. Early detection to protect you from larger damage
  3. Your roof fixed, whether it’s tiles or a metal roof
  4. A 3-year warranty on workmanship
  5. A 15-year warranty on materials
  6. A local roofer, close by when you need one

So you can sleep safe and sound, knowing you’re in good hands and there’s a good roof over your head.

If you’re looking at roof painting, it’s important to repair any roof damage first. This ensures the quality of the paint job for a long time.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Leaking Roof in Brisbane?

To find out, just contact us, and we’ll hop on your roof, identify all the issues and suggest the quickest and most cost-effective way to seal your roof and make your house safe again as soon as possible.

It’s important to detect small faults and water penetration early. This is easy to do with regular visits to the roof, e.g. during regular roof maintenance.

We’ll catch the need for minor roof leak repairs even if all seems well inside your house. This will reduce your roof repairs cost further and completely prevent any further damage.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of loose screws and cracked seals on a metal roof, or tile cracks on a tile roof. If you’re never up there on your roof, you’ll never spot them, but they’re the quickest and easiest to repair.

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