Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning by roofer

Roof and gutter cleaning is the simplest and most affordable way to prevent costly damage. When done regularly, it also provides a chance for your roofer to quickly inspect your roof and fix any issue while it’s small.

Although roof and gutter cleaning is an essential service, it’s one of the most neglected property maintenance jobs in Brisbane. But doing it can prevent costly roof repairs and even roof restoration.

Why roof and gutter cleaning is important

In Brisbane, rains can be heavy, and if your gutters and drain pipes are blocked, water can easily reach places that are best left dry. Therefore, it’s especially important to clean your roof and gutters before the rainy season.

When you have blocked gutters, water can enter the roof cavity and eventually seep into the building below. During heavy storms, the gutters cannot process the water flow, allowing it to back up and drive beneath your tiles or metal roof cladding.

Water can even spill into the roof cavity, pool on the ceiling, and damage the ceiling itself, light fittings, and ultimately, the furniture below.

Regular roof and gutter cleaning of debris prevents the build-up of leaf matter that leads to water accumulation and rust formation. This, in turn, protects the building from leaks, mould, rot and collapse.

Roof and gutter cleaning is very important where rain water is being harvested or collected into a tank, because the accumulation of leaf matter greatly affects the efficiency of these systems. This keeps your water tank operating better and for longer.

Regular cleaning of your solar panels washes dust and debris from them, allowing sunlight to reach the photoelectric cells and generate power. This keeps your solar system operating at top capacity and putting dollars in your pocket.

When gutters and drain pipes fill up with plant matter and wet dust, mosquitos can breed in little water puddles and come to bite you. This is a particularly nasty problem in the hot season, and gutter cleaning prevents it.

Why use a roofing specialist?

Simply, most people don’t have the equipment, the expertise or the insurance for this type of job.

Getting up on the roof requires tall ladders. Cleaning gutters and drain pipes requires a heavy-duty, industrial-strength vacuum cleaner to suck out debris, and pressure hoses to flush out anything that won’t come up.

An experienced roof can also suggest ways to keep gutters clean for longer and quickly find out if there’s any damage to gutters, pipes or the roof itself.

On the other hand, an inexperienced person can cause damage to gutters, pipes and even roof tiles or sheets. Fixing this damage can be quite unpleasant and costly.

How often should you clean your gutters and roof?

This really depends on how many trees surround your roof, and on how dusty and windy it gets where you are. As a rule of thumb, we recommend cleaning your gutters every 2 months.

Here are some signs you can use to decide when to call your Brisbane roofer:

  • You can see water backing up during rains, and flowing from the side of the gutter, instead of the drain pipe
  • Water splashes from the pipes at ground level, instead of flowing to the storm drain
  • Cracks form in the foundations of the house if your downpipes are not connected to soak wells
  • Mould or lichen starts to grow on the walls of your house
  • Timber frames and doors swell and/or crack from moisture

How much does roof and gutter cleaning cost?

For new home clients, we now offer this service for only $99. For large buildings and our regular cleaning service, please request a free quote.

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