Roof Restoration

Roof restoration

Roof restoration cost is approximately one-third of a new roof. Both tile and metal roofing can be restored and the results may surprise you.

Restoring the roof of your Brisbane property can be a viable and cheaper alternative to replacing the entire roof.

If your roof is in bad shape, stop before you get a new one and consider roof restoration!

What is roof restoration?

Tile roof restoration consists of replacing broken tiles, repointing where necessary, water-blasting the entire roof and valleys and painting. One layer of sealer and two coats of paint will make your roof look like new with a watertight seal.

Metal roof restoration consists of treating all areas of rust with rubber membrane, replacing sheeting if necessary and sealing all the minor holes in the metal and around the screws.

For full roof restoration, you can also paint your roof to give it a new look.

Does your roof need restoring?

Simply put, you need a full roof restoration when your roof is structurally sound, but needs more than just a little fix – when the roof is actually damaged, not just dirty.

Common signs are multiple leaks, ceiling degradation, and cracks in the roof bedding and/or pointing (on a tiled roof), as well as rust and dents (on a metal roof).

However, unless you are an expert roofer, it’s best to get one to inspect your roof and give you a professional assessment of the damage, along with recommendation for the best way you should proceed.

If your roof needs to be restored, you should not delay. Fix it before it causes any more damage to people, furniture or equipment.

How long does it take to restore a roof?

Of course, your roof is different from others, and your Brisbane roofer will need to inspect it, determine what needs to be done and estimate how long the work will take.

Factors affecting the size of the job in include the level of damage, the height of the roof, the level of finish you want and the weather. Since some factors are out of anyone’s control, you will only get an estimated timeframe.

As a rough gauge, however, most tile and metal roof restoration projects take 2-3 days in good weather conditions. Note that your roofer may need some time to finish other jobs and prepare, so start time may not be immediate.

Importantly, regardless of the time is takes to start, and finish, your project, using an expert team, like Dr Roof, will reduce the impact on your life during the restoration, and ensure a long-lasting result: a strong, beautiful roof.

How long does a roof restoration last?

Naturally, we all want the work we do to last forever, but nothing ever does. Whether metal or tiles, your roof will continue to be exposed to the sun, rain, hail, wind and airborne debris.

So a good way to estimate how long your roof will stay in good shape once it’s restored is by how long it lasted up to this point. A rough gauge for a professional roof restoration is 15-20 years.

When you hire Dr Roof to restore your roof, you get a 3-year warranty on workmanship and a 15-year warranty on materials (we use high quality materials, so you know you’re getting a great deal).

How can I make the roof restoration last longer?

Easy. Perform regular inspections, cleaning and maintenance. This will prevent the work from deteriorating and keep your roof nice and strong.

If that’s not your cup of tea, considering hiring us for roof & gutter cleaning and/or roof maintenance and we’ll do it for you.

How much does a roof restoration cost?

As you’ve probably guessed, since every roof is different, the roof restoration work varies greatly, and so does the cost. For example, tile roof restoration is not the same as metal roof restoration.

Instead of guessing, filling out forms and struggling with new terminology, we can take a look at your roof,  give you a quote and guide you through deciding what to do.