Roof Restoration

Roof restoration

Roof restoration cost is approximately one-third of a new roof. Both tile and metal roofing can be restored and the results may surprise you.

Restoring the roof of your Brisbane property can be a viable and cheaper alternative to replacing the entire roof.

If your roof is in bad shape, stop before you get a new one and consider roof restoration!

What is roof restoration?

Tile roof restoration consists of replacing broken tiles, repointing where necessary, water-blasting the entire roof and valleys and painting. One layer of sealer and two coats of paint will make your roof look like new with a watertight seal.

Metal roof restoration consists of treating all areas of rust with rubber membrane, replacing sheeting if necessary and sealing all the minor holes in the metal and around the screws.

Does your roof need restoring?

Simply put, it’s when the roof needs more than just a small fix, but the roof is structurally sound. Also, when the roof is damaged, not just dirty.

Common signs are multiple leaks, ceiling degradation, and cracks in the roof bedding and/or pointing (on a tiled roof), as well as rust and dents (on a metal roof).

However, unless you are an expert roofer, it’s best to get one to inspect your roof and give you a professional assessment of the damage, along with recommendation for the best way you should proceed.

If your roof needs to be restored, you should not delay.  Fix it before it causes any more damage to people, furniture or equipment.

How much does a roof restoration cost?

As you probably understand, every roof is different, so the work varies greatly. Instead of guessing, filling out forms and struggling with new terminology, we can take a look at your roof,  give you a quote and guide you through deciding what to do.