Solar Panel Readiness

Solar panel readiness followed by installation on a roof

Many people in Brisbane install solar panels on their roof these days. With government solar rebates and the abundance of sunlight, switching to solar energy can help save money and is good for the environment. If you’re considering this, have you checked your solar panel readiness?

When your installer comes, will they be able to position the panel for best performance? Can your roof support the panels? Is there anything you need to fix beforehand, because the solar panels will block once they are installed?

Here are some things to check to ensure the solar panel readiness of your home.

How old is your roof?

If your roof will need to be replaced in the next five to 10 years, it’s a good idea to re-roof before you install your solar system. This way, you won’t have to pay for uninstalling and reinstalling the panels to replace the roof.

Once a new roof is installed, the solar panels help to protect it from the elements, pushing the next time you need to repair it.

What materials is your roof made of?

Some roofing materials are harder to install on than others. That’s why it may be harder to find an installer willing to do the job if your roof is one of those types of roofing material.

Two of the most common roofing materials that solar installers avoid are slate and cedar shingles. Both of these are more fragile and complicated for the installer. So, even if you do find an installer who’s willing to take the risk, the installation may cost more.

If you’re building a new property and want to make it “solar ready”, you should probably avoid those types of roofing materials.

If you already have a house with slate or cedar roof shingles, you can replace your roof with a different material. Long term, this may actually turn out cheaper. Particularly if your roof already needs some repairs.

Is there enough room on your roof?

Part of solar panel readiness is finding where to put the panels. Ideally, this should be a single contiguous space. This is particularly important if you want to make the most of the government rebate and maximise your power production.

When installing solar panels as part of new construction, talk to your builder about positioning skylights, dormers and vents around the area you want to leave for the solar panels. Doing this will make the solar panel installation easier, less risky and cheaper.

Solar Panel Readiness Check for $49

If you’re not a roofer, why not let a professional check your solar panel readiness for you? For a limited time, we are offering these checks for only $49.

At the end of the check, we’ll tell you if you’re good to go, or if something still needs to be done. This way, you can start your solar switch with confidence.

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